Chassis No. 04

Chassis No. 04

WTDO 363 4/55/55  Turin Show Car, Oct 28 – Nov 8 1970. Designated to be the first to receive the design evolution changes from AMC including longer rear quarters with smooth fender wells, full door window glass, concealed wipers by the raised cowling area and new style radiator hood vents.

Chassis No. 04 was purchased from AMC on 03/30/1971 and still owned by Jerry N. Werden and imported 11/26/1971 to Indianapolis, IN. Finished after AMC canceled the project funding with the hope Bizzarrini would finance building 30 cars with AMC supplying parts and committing to 10 cars. Bizzarrini declined. AMC sold #4  for $9,000 and #2 for $6,000 to Werden & DeMichelli. Possibly finished before Car #5 was imported to the US.

1 thoughts on “Chassis No. 04

  1. Nick Hockman says:

    I was close to buying this car. At the last moments they pulled out on me and sold it to a guy in Canada. I hope to find him and buy It from him.

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