Episode 1 | The Long Lost AMC AMX/3

We have been waiting months to share this thank you so much Andrew Miller George Huisman Kyle John Ian 👌🏿After a chance encounter 25 years ago, Michael Chetcuti has been chasing down this once in a lifetime vehicle that very few knew existed. This is an ongoing tale, with plans to bring the legendary AMC AMX III back to its original intention, making it one of the rarest American muscle cars in the world.

Take a minute and watch this incredible short, don’t forget to follow along.

11 thoughts on “Episode 1 | The Long Lost AMC AMX/3

  1. David says:

    I find it almost funny, I’ve known about this car since the early 90’s. Finally got to see it 2005 when Ian and one of my sons built us an Audi and we went down to get it. We agreed that it needed to be restored, it’s just too valuable in the history of automobiles. Yet Scotty didn’t want to see any changes to the car he wanted to remember it as a piece that he had worked on and the connections to the people involved in it’s design and creation. I’m glad to see that there are responsible and caring people that will bring it back to it’s original (or as close as humanly possible) condition.

  2. Ronald Saxon says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I’m 60 and haven’t seen one of these since I was a kid. My God that is beautiful.

  3. keith Gleasman says:

    If they loved this car as much as they said, why didn’t they take better care of it?

  4. Keith Mann says:

    I have owned 4 Detomaso Panteras. I saw in person the non running prototype in Denver for sale at an exotic car dealership in the late 70’s. They were asking 10k. Always wanted one.

  5. Dean A Dyck says:

    I agree it should be returned to original condition however possible. It is too valuable for historic purposes to be left in poor condition. It needs to be presented to the public as it was meant to be.

  6. donald morizio says:

    I called about buying an AMX/3 around 1978? {possibly no.2}from Jack Silvey.He was asking $25,000.I owned a 1970 AMX at the time.Should have bought it.

    • Bill Ranieri says:

      I should have bought a Ferrari 250 GTO back when they were selling below $10,000. Of course I was only 14 at the time…

  7. Clayre Mook says:

    I’m 77 have been around cars all my life, did not know anything about this car Absolutely awesome!

  8. Jeff says:

    I used to know one of these cars that was bought at an auction and it belong to a guy in Reno or Nevada somewhere in that area can’t remember who it was Carson City or not but I was like 17 years old when I saw it on 56 now but I remember seeing the body kind of in the rafters the engine was still in a crate and I saw the gauges but it was all in parts in pieces.
    He bought it at an auction for like $1,500 or something like that.

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