Chicago Reunion

After 50 years the AMX/3 returns to Chicago

Chassis No. 01 arrived safe and sound at Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago, IL thanks to our friends at Reliable Carriers. What we haven’t talked about is that 50 years ago AMC announced the birth of the AMX/3 project to the world at the Chicago Auto Show with the groundbreaking debut of the AMX/2 concept. How cool is that knowing that after 50 years AMX/3 Chassis No. 01 is coming out to play and ready to show the automotive world what true Detroit madness looks like. After a quick coat of paint and an oil change by our friends over at Classic Design Concepts of course. Be sure to follow us on facebook or instagram for the latest news on this one of a kind rebuild

AMX/2 (February 1969) — An evolution of the AMX/K mid-engine sports car concept, designed by Bob Nixon and Fred Hudson. First shown at the AMC stockholders meeting in early 1969, then made its public debut at the Chicago Auto Show as a pushmobile fiberglass car. Later mounted atop a pole in front of the Twin Pine Auto Sales used car lot in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Currently owned by Canadian collector Fred Phillips

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  1. Y-T says:

    What ever happened to those wheels? Who made them? It’s great to see that you’ve let the cat out of the bag…

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