MCACN – Chicago 2019

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals – Chicago, Il

AMX/3 Chassis No. 01 is on display proudly as you enter the “Barn Finds & Hidden Gems” section of the show. You can’t miss the signature barn find yellow. Ian Dawkins will be on hand to talk about the history of this rare gem and answer any questions you might have. We will be updating this page as the day goes on so stay tuned. There are already a few surprises we weren’t expecting.

Update: 12:08 pm

It’s barely after noon and we have already won 3 awards. What an honor to be here and able to share this car with all of you

Edit: 12:24 pm

The judges have informed us we won too many awards. Apparently we are only allowed to keep one of the trophies. Guess this is the price of have such a cool ride… In an effort to be good sports we gave some of them back

Look familiar? Chassis No. 01 hitched a ride to the show with this Torino

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  1. Michael Clarke says:

    It was a pleasure to meet you at the MCACN Show, Mike and Ian. Thank you for the interview for V8TV. I enjoyed learning about this unique treasure and some of the stories behind it. Looking forward to seeing the restoration progress. Cheers!

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