Chassis No. 03

Chassis No. 03

VIN A0M397X631524Y designed as the 1970 Press release car

Car #3 Press release March 23rd 1970 Rome Coliseum. The first AMX/3 Imported to the U.S. by AMC (and perhaps only one during the project) for the April 4th 1970 Waldorf New York press release and the April 5th New York auto show. Dick Teague purchased it from AMC in 1978 along with the #5 car. #3 still owned by Teague’s daughter Lisa and her husband Ray Scarpelli. This is the car that has been at the Petersen Automotive Museum in L.A., the San Diego Automotive Museum and was displayed at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show.

2 thoughts on “Chassis No. 03

  1. Scott R Hampton says:

    As a young man in the 70’s I loved AMC. I was also hooked on Ford GT-40 walking on Ferrari. When I first heard of the AMX/3 I was fascinated by the mid-engine design, like the Pantera. Stationed in Germany in the early 80’s I was honored to drive a GT-40, Ford powered Pantera, Studebaker Avanti, and view up close a AMX/3. Which one I can’t remember. Of all of my “Want One” cars I actually liked the AMX/3 better than the Pantera (which everyone else drooled over). Love what you are doing. Classic vehicles like this should be on the road and roadable.

  2. JD Howard says:

    I was this close to trading my 1971 AMX for a 1972 Pantera. I was getting a wonderful deal. In the end (damn it) I could’t justify the extra $50-$75 extra in payments. I think about it almost every day.

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