Chassis No. 02

Chassis No. 02

WTDO 363 2/55/55 Development Prototype #2, built in 1969 with testing by BMW ending in December 1969. Turin roadtesting, then red paint, then testing at Monza in 1970.

Famous Monza/BMW/ItalDesign/Polytechnic University development test car. Sold by AMC 3/30/71 to Jerry Werden Indianapolis IN, imported to William P. Demichieli 11/26/71, sold to James E. Silvey late ’72, sold to Jack Cohen ’76, sold to Walter Kirtland ’89, sold to Jurgen Wilms of Düsseldorf, Germany 2014 then Wilms sold it on January 23rd 2017 to Rick and David Biafora, Morgantown WV. (I assume the 1967 reference and 1967-0001 tag by Diomante was created to owe less export taxes.)

1 thoughts on “Chassis No. 02

  1. Patrick Jack says:

    What unique and beautiful cars. The AMX3, its designers, engineers and those restoring these works of art have really got an amazing project.

    I once owned a 1968 AMC Javelin, but really admire the other AMX’s and Javelins.
    Thank you for making your site available.

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