Did somebody say 401

Ever hear of a little even called the Empire Hill Climb? Thats a story for another day, lets focus on Ian Dawkins 1973 AMC Gremlin.

This little Gremlin of his keeps terrorizing the hill climb with a 401. But this isn’t just any 401, this engine is dressed with “special” heads off the 390 that came with AMX/3 Chassis No. 01

Here is run 3 of the 2019 Empire Hill Climb from inside Ian’s ’73 gremlin. Turn up the sound and hear that high rpm thump of the AMC 401

One thought on “Did somebody say 401

  1. david says:

    A. Ya coulda told me you were going to Chitown!
    B. I’ll send you a P-38 so you can put a hole in the hood of the Gremlin and put it back on the car.
    C. is a place holder.
    D. Glad to see that it is really coming together.

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