Did somebody say 401

Ever hear of a little even called the Empire Hill Climb? Thats a story for another day, lets focus on Ian Dawkins 1973 AMC Gremlin.

This little Gremlin of his keeps terrorizing the hill climb with a 401. But this isn’t just any 401, this engine is dressed with “special” heads off the 390 that came with AMX/3 Chassis No. 01

Here is run 3 of the 2019 Empire Hill Climb from inside Ian’s ’73 gremlin. Turn up the sound and hear that high rpm thump of the AMC 401

2 thoughts on “Did somebody say 401

  1. david says:

    A. Ya coulda told me you were going to Chitown!
    B. I’ll send you a P-38 so you can put a hole in the hood of the Gremlin and put it back on the car.
    C. is a place holder.
    D. Glad to see that it is really coming together.

  2. Ronald Saxon says:

    The Gremlin!!!! We had a white one, with a manual transmission. The car never let us down or had any problems that I can remember, and remember I do. Loved the car, it had power and so much fun to drive. Although I never drove the Javelin, Loved to watch it go down the road, fell in love with it and the AMX. But then suddenly, couldn’t find one. The AMX 3 WOW what a work of art.

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